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FOX News
Jan 9, 2013 12:00am PST
to be the face of clean energy and just sold to very big oil. everybody argues how to pronounce. they never took big oil advertising. they sell to the amir and adding we all know now that al gore is nothing but a -- [bleep]. we do stories on the tax code and he sells the network before the tax code kicks in. one last gripe? al was lecturing us about green. he kept his word about green all right. as in cold, hard cash. didn't see that one coming. all of this raises a question, can dogs learn to drive? >> honk the horn. >> that's great. fur -- if you ever drink he can come and pick you up and take you home. tom, isn't this the essence of liberalism that it is do as i say, not as i do? >> this is the perfect thing. let's not get on al gore. let's not jump on the ban wagon of doing nothing wrong. selling the company and making money and trying to do it before the end of the year was the first time al gore was doing something real. >> true. >> when you are in the world of politics, it is a fake world, but in the world of business it is a real world. when you have these guys trying to do both, they cl
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1